General information

1. What is Crypto2Mobile?

Crypto2Mobile is a website that allows you to buy products and services for cryptocurrency. Through we provide the purchase of mobile top-ups, gift cards and vouchers paid in the Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcon Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and DASH cryptocurrency.

2. When will my order be processed?

The order will be processed immediately after receiving the payment with the transaction fee and the required number of confirmations.

3. What are the refund terms?

If the order is not completed (what sometimes happens due to a problem with the operator) we will refund the payment in cryptocurrency as soon as possible after sending us a return wallet address. If you have not received your top-up code or coupon, please write to us at Submit all order information such as order ID, email address or the phone number you have completed.

Note: If the order has been delivered correctly, we cannot cancel it. Make sure you send the right phone number / email. We cannot refund money for successfully delivered top-up codes and coupons, make sure you order the right product.

4. How quickly does customer service respond?

We usually reply within a few hours, we give answers, but please give us time to 24 hours on business days. After submitting your application to, you do not have to attempt to contact us via social media. We strive to support customers as soon as possible.

5. Do I need an account at

Currently, the system does not require creating an account to purchase a top-up or coupon in the form of a gift card or voucher.

6. How do I get a top-up code or product?

Depending on the type of product or service selected, the system will ask you for your email address or phone number. Mobile recharges are mostly carried out via USSD codes by the selected operator.

Gift cards and Vouchers

1. How to use a gift card or voucher?

Choose a product, currency and pay for your order with your favorite cryptocurrency. You will receive the product code via email.

2. Where can I use a gift card or voucher?

Some gift cards or vouchers are accepted worldwide, some of them operate only within a given country or currency. Before buying, make sure you buy a product that you can use.

Mobile top-ups

1. How to use the top-up service?

  1. Select country, operator and top-up amount
  2. The system will ask you for a phone number or e-mail address depending on the top-up delivery method.
  3. Select the payment cryptocurrency
  4. Pay for the order, remember to pay the transaction fee.

2. How will the top-up be carried out?

  1. If the system has asked for a phone number – the top-up will be done automatically, for the most part you will also receive USSD information (SMS) about topping up the phone
  2. If the system has asked you to enter your email address, you will receive the top-up code at the email address provided and you can enter it yourself to top-up your phone.

Remember to check your SPAM folders – sometimes an e-mail with a top-up code can be received there.

3. Can I use a code to pay for the subscription?

In most cases, you cannot use the code to pay the subscription. If you are not sure if the top-up code will work, please contact the operator before buying it.

Other information

No transaction confirmation

In the case of high network load, especially when paying with Bitcon cryptocurrency, there is a delay in receiving confirmation of the transaction. This situation also occurs if the fee for its implementation is badly estimated – the right amount is paid.

When do I have to pay for the order?

The payment address for the order is presented for 15 minutes from the hour of registration of the order and this is the time when we wait for the payment to start. If for some reason you are not sure how much time has passed since its registration, refresh your browser window or simply register a new order.

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